Today’s prompt says:
Write a scene that uses the words “ripe” and “follow.”

In the middle of where Jarvis and Brominide Streets crossed, there was a windmill building. It was the windmill to stop all other windmills – so big, it gathered all of the debris from the area and swept it up into a mini-tornado. It stopped conversations, slowed down traffic, and made people clutch their loved ones (whether animal or human) a little closer.

Fromus had fun creating this little piece of mischief in a big city. S/he was delighted at the way they could make the thing grow and shrink, make it spin faster as it got bigger, or slower as it got smaller.

Fromus was one of six semi-God wizards that had control of the city. As a group they were unseen, unknown, unrecognized, but they were there. Lurking in the background, standing in the corners and alleyways where people would turn to look at something they thought they saw, only to see nothing though their eyes were pointed directly at Fromus or one of Fromus’ friends.

The semi-God wizards were supposed to do good. They were supposed to help the angels, guides and other spirit-helpers assigned to the city’s citizens. But Fromus was never good at following job descriptions – alive or dead, human or semi-God wizard, it made no difference.

But there were reasons semi-God wizards weren’t supposed to just do whatever they wanted. One of those reasons was the effect they could have on the people of the city.

[“Yea, Fromus! What about the PEOPLE?!”]

Fromus cared not. S/he especially cared not, that the windmill created made winds much bigger than s/he saw. Didn’t care about the people walking behind the man who looked good on the outside, but hadn’t taken a shower in a year. Fromus gave “no shits”, as people say, at the discomfort of the people walking behind the man. Cared not that the man smelled, as the people who had the misfortune of having to follow him thought, “ripe”.

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