Today’s prompt says:
Write a scene that starts with a bag of fingerling potatoes and ends with a yellow sports car.

I wrote this one on a computer, not on my phone during a commute, like I usually do. Not sure I like it… Also, is a Mustang a sports car?

Jenine stuck her hand in the bag of fingerling potatoes, feeling around until she couldn’t fit any more in her hand.

“I’m not sure what to tell you,” her husband was saying behind her back. “I’m sorry, but I just won’t be able to make it.”

He was talking about Jenine’s cousin’s wedding (would it have been different if it were a funeral?), which wasn’t a new event. This would be the third time the cousin would be getting married.

“So maybe he could miss this one,” Jenine thought.

What was new about this was him not going. What Jenine didn’t know was that this would be the first of many events her husband wouldn’t want to, or couldn’t attend.

She stood in front of him until he moved away from the sink, not sure if she should act angry or be okay with it.

“Ok, whatevs,” she decided to be ok with it. “I’m sure whatever you have to do is more important than Marcia’s third wedding.”

He laughed out loud, which made Jenine immediately suspicious.

The joke wasn’t that funny. Why did she get the feeling he was trying to cover up something? To be secretive?

A loud bang came from the floor directly above them.

“PATRICIA!” Jenine yelled, looking up at the ceiling as if she could see her step-daughter through the wood and carpet.


“What the hell is she doing up there.” Jenine asked while washing the potatoes. Her husband knew better than to answer.

In the extended silence that followed, his heart started to beat faster. This would be the first time, he realized (he’s a little slow, Jenine’s husband). The first of many excuses I’m going to have to make.

Of course, the thoughts of all his excuses brought up images of Janine. Not Jenine, Janine. The woman he was having an affair with. It was extremely convenient (and maybe kind of not) that his mistress and his wife shared almost the same name. He was never a talker while doing the deed, but he figured it could come in handy if he did ever decide to speak up during sex.

He imagined if he did say someone’s name, neither of them would be able to tell which name he was saying.

Then he heard it. For someone not-so-smart, Jenine’s husband (Mark) had very good hearing.

Janine’s car coming down the street. They didn’t live in a particularly quiet neighbourhood, but her car made a distinct sound.



It was at this point that Mark should have done something – gone upstairs to be a parent to his daughter, started to help Jenine out with dinner, set the table, see what their son was doing, something. Instead he just stood there. Listening to the yellow sports car getting closer and closer to the family home.

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