Today’s prompt says:
Write a scene that uses the following: a bracelet, a jump, and the word “frugal.”

I actually following the rules this time and wrote this using pen and paper. Following the rules is overrated. Typing it out again I realized I started writing about one thing and finished writing about another. It was also really, really hard not editing it.


I could feel the nervous start in my belly on the bus ride home. I know what I’m waking into, but what does my body know? What happened in the seconds before the nervousness hit? Why just then?? Why am I nervous now?

Last night I decided it was time to dump Merlene. She had made a scene during our last date, a whole dramatic performance (and she was a business major – go figure) just because I gave her a charm bracelet.

Every time we spoke she mentioned it. How it looks in different lighting, the different charms and trinkets she would get for it, how she paired it with her outfit. A week ago I didn’t know you could coordinate jewellry. I now wish I could go back to that time.

There were hundreds of times – multiple times per day when I could imagine I could imagine shutting her up if I said where the bracelet was from (ex-girlfriend, I was in love with, she committed). But I didn’t. I won’t.

Some people would say I’m the ultimate cheap bastard. I prefer the term “frugal”. It sounds respectable, unassuming.

No one called “frugal” is every suspected of anything.

The dumping would be more entertaining that way, actually, I thought. I felt my tongue against the front of my teeth, a nervous tic from my ortho days. I could tell her where the bracelet’s from and she would probably dump me.

It might be worth it for the entertainment alone, and I wouldn’t have to do anything but make a jump and tell the truth.

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