Today’s writing prompt says:
“Write about everything in your character’s pockets today.”

The usual things, keys, money, a lip gloss, a small knife. A fork for the unexpected meal. Maybe an orange? Too bulky. How about a package of crackers. Yea, a package of crackers. They’re stale, from a visit she made to Tim Hortons or McDonalds or something like that. She put the crackers in her pocket thinking that they could be a little snack just in case she gets hungry but she hasn’t been hungry yet.

There are crumbs. Crumbs in her pocket from another snack she had stored in there, something tastier than some dry old crackers, something like cookies or piece of a muffin. She definitely ate that one quickly, no need to ‘store it for the future’. The crumbs happened because she put the wrapping of the cookies, or muffin, or whatever it was back into her pocket with the intention of throwing it out. But it never got thrown out. Somewhere between her eating the item and now, the crumbs had spilled out into her pockets and now, though the snack was long gone, she had crumbs in her pocket.

Sure, it’s annoying, every time she goes in to reach for something she actually needs, the tips of her fingers feel around crumbs and come out a mess. Everything in her pockets gets dusted with these dry crumbs, she has to shake the item out or brush the crumbs off so she can use the thing, whatever it is, after reaching for it.

But she hasn’t gotten around to just cleaning out her pockets. The one pocket actually. Now when she feels the crumbs she’s reminded of the snack, and the fact that she had it.

The crackers on the other hand are a different kind of reminder. They’re slowly being crushed by her hands and the other items in her pocket – the other pocket, the non-crumb pocket. There are still some whole pieces but they don’t look like they used to. She doesn’t want to eat crackers, she never wants to eat crackers. And she¬†especially doesn’t want to eat crushed crackers. Not even in soup. But she hasn’t gotten around to throwing them out either.

The pockets themselves are pretty large, and can’t really object to any item being bounced around inside of them. It’s only when they get too full, when they start to alter how she looks and the shape of her body, that she decides when it’s time for a cleaning. And even then she only disposes of the largest, most offensive items. Not the crackers or the crumbs. They’ll be in her pockets for a while longer.

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