This is something I wrote in ten minutes.

It’s based on a writing prompt I received today from Sarah Selecky. I might do these regularly… I might not.


It confused everyone when she wore it out one day. It was a monstrous thing, with sleeves that seemed to go on forever but pant legs that were way too short.

And then there was the camel toe. It was unavoidable, really, daring all who she passed to look away for even a second.

Unfortunately her apartment only had mirrors that reflected her image from the waist up, so there was no way for her to know about the camel toe, just a short distance below her nose, stealing all her attention.

She thought she looked fabulous, granted she had to ignore the drips of sweat starting a journey from her armpits and splitting two ways, some sweat going down her arm, some sweat going down the sides of her body.

The black catsuit was the closest thing she had in her closet that was close to high fashion. She was sure at some point the magazines would talk about catsuits being in style again, so she figured she was either on trend or in front of the trend.

As weirded out as everyone was at this woman wearing an ill-fitting jump suit at a church picnic, no one could deny that she had the most positive attitude. But they stopped short at this allowance. The truth was that compared to all of them, she was probably closest in mindset and attitude to Jesus.

Her church crew was too Godly to tell her the thing was completely inappropriate. They just hung by her side in silence, recounting in horror the conversation they had just a few weeks earlier about shopping at vintage stores, cursing themselves for praising her so highly for getting away with this item, this thing she called a “steal”.

“I could see why it was a steal,” one friend said to the other with her eyes. “Another embarrassment, it’ll be over soon. Just smile and nod,” the other friend responded.

Within an hour the small beads of sweat grew up. Now they were middle-aged beads of sweat, with children, mortgages and mid-life crises. She had to leave, but this was the part of the church picnic…

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