Another Writing Prompt post.
This one written only in dialogue, in 10 minutes.

“I’m leaving now.”

“What?! You can’t leave! You’ve got responsibilities! You’ve got resolutions to make! Promises you’ve made!…


“I’m over all this, do you hear me? Yea, I’ve got responsibilities and all that shit you talked about. But this isn’t worth it! I’m better–“

“Don’t you fucking go there. What you think, you’re better? You think you’re special?! Well you’re not. You wanna get up on your high horse? I’ll trip that horse and laugh your ass back down to earth. Don’t try me Nidhi, I’m not the one.”


“So are you ready? Have I gotten you together yet?”






“Good. You had me worried there for a moment. I thought I would have had to call Martin.”


“Should I call Mar-“



“I’m together, I’m together. Don’t call Martin. I’m ready. I’m going.”

“Good. You’ll find everything you need in the closet by the bathroom. Go in there and wash, I don’t want any complaints today.”


“Well? What in the actual fuck are you waiting for!”

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