Today’s prompt says:
Write a list titled, “Other people’s kitchens,” and write one or two sentences that give some details about each item on the list.

Other People’s Kitchens.

  • Precious handed-down items. In other people’s kitchens, there are things handed down. Recipes, dishes, silverware and storage. Some people have more than others.
  • Gifts from the wedding. In other people’s kitchens, there are fancy items from the wedding. Mixers, toasters, coffee makers, espresso makers, nearly everything that was on the registry for the kitchen is in other people’s kitchens.
  • Utensils the kids used to use. In other people’s kitchens, there are the utensils the kids used to use when they were little. No one wants to get rid of them just yet. They’re proof that the kids were little at one point. And they’re useful on some occasions.
  • Things from the 90s. In other people’s kitchens, there are utensils and tools that were purchased when they were single, things from the 90s that still work! They might be a little rusty, but they work. And if it ain’t broke.
  • Flowers. In other people’s kitchens, there are fresh flowers. Bought on Friday on the way home from work, they brighten up the room, lend some freshness to the air and put a little hope in the day.
  • That old sponge. In other people’s kitchens, there’s an old sponge somewhere. Maybe it’s on the counter, maybe it’s hidden somewhere under the counter. It shouldn’t be kicking around still after all this time. It’s got bits of food in it, and a long piece of hair for some reason.
  • Teas that no one drinks. In other people’s kitchens, it seems there are hundreds of types of teas. Buried in the back of the cupboards, in drawers and on the counter, in fancy tins, storage jars, and individual baggies. Teas every where that are barely brewed and never sipped.

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