Today’s prompt is from a writing class I started yesterday.

It’s about my main character, on her “Road of Trials”, a kid trying to puff herself up.


MC’s eyes shot open. It was still dark.

She blinked, hard, as if trying to prove her eyes were actually opened.

The air in the house was still thick with what happened last night. In the dark her eyes adjusted so she was able to recognize the shapes and objects in her room.

It all seemed so stupid now in light of what was said.

The bed she was sleeping on. Would she have to take it with her? And where would she go with it?

“It will have to stay,” she whispered to the dark.

Without moving her body, she scanned the whole room.

Desk: built for a child, a homework station where years ago she and Mauree had played office.

Stuffed animals: names now forgotten. When was the last time she had picked any of them up?

“I’ll take one of those…” she thought, a hot tear made its way to her pillow. Living with her parents-turned-enemy, she would now have to do all her crying in private.

Back to the room scan, the task of having to live on her own was too serious for moments of weakness. Through tears at the bottom of her eyelids, she looked at the knick knacks and toys piled up on either side of her bedroom door, still firmly closed as if to keep the tension out.

Dirty clothes bin that was full, the wheel from a bike she found in the street. Her back pack. A small smile spread across her face as she remembered what was in it.

She and Mauree had found a bunch of little gourds and pumpkins from school yesterday and for some reason, they started stuffing them into their bags.

Mauree wanted to hide somewhere in the alleyway the next day and throw them at the boys from their school. MC just liked how cute they were, like mini pumpkins for a mini family on a mini Halloween. She thought she would set them up on her desk at home, like in one of Verna’s magazines.

She kicked the sheets off her body with the thought of Verna crossing her mind. How crazy it was — what a few hours could do to your life.

The house was silent now, but only because Verna and Darius had turned off all electronics that could receive some kind of signal or were connected to wifi.

MC flicked the light on, fighting the sting in her eyes and forcing herself to survey the room for whatever she needed. Her eyes briefly landed on the square of dust made by where her computer sat. All the wires still up on the desk, pointing, looking for a computer to connect to. But she was prepared to leave it, even though it was taken away.

She would have to be prepared to leave everything.

In her closet she dug up and out any bags she could find that seemed big enough and strong enough.

Then the packing started.

Everything went in to every bag. Books were packed with dresses, underwear with the chosen stuffed animal, hairspray and a half-empty bottle of coke.

She imagined there would be school to look after, once she found a new place to live. How she would explain this to her friends would come never. And at some point, she would have to deal with Orlando.

Bent over the bottom drawer of her dresser, the thought crashed her mind: no friends, no family. She would have to go far enough away so she could start new. But would that be possible?