Today’s prompt is from a writing class I started yesterday.

Our instructor gave us a piece of paper with different fonts on it (see the post image!) and told us to write about the font we would choose for our (potential) novels. I chose Blackout. Then I wrote this


Blackout. The ‘O’ in this font is completely dark, like it’s covering up something. That’s why I picked it. It seems more serious than the other fonts, a little modern, the other letters to have this cover-up. They’re naked somehow, maybe more willing to be exposed.

But the O is hiding something, and I know what it is. The past. I’m not sure I know what in my novel will happen or be defined in the past, but no — oh wait. It’s not just hiding something in the past.

There’s always something hiding just behind the O, there’s definitely something behind there someone doesn’t want you to see. If it were text, many lines would be greyed out, like in a government document, or some file with Top Secret written on it.

The ‘L’ seems cut short, now that I take a closer look. I would think that the bottom stroke would match the ‘E’, but it doesn’t. Would the cover-up go over that as well? Is that a shortcoming that the font-designer missed?

And the ‘V’. It seems far away from the ‘O’, almost as if to say: ‘I’m the one that’s open, I’m not like the ‘O’ at all. I’ll tell you everything, nothing to hide over here.’

Meanwhile the ‘N’ and the ‘O’, are super-close, denying access to whatever is behind that damned ‘O’.

‘THE’ has none of these issues and hang-ups. ‘THE’ had a nice upbringing with solidly middle-class values and parents that made a little bit more money than the other parents. ‘THE’ went to the cottage on long weekends and knows all the songs the other kids know, can ski and skate and will go away for college.

‘THE’ doesn’t get ‘NO VEL’, and what’s going on over there. Sure ‘NO VEL’ has some talent, but it’s just so… troubled. One day at school, ‘THE’ saw ‘NO VEL’ sharing lunch out of one plastic Wal-Mart bag. ‘NO’ saw that ‘THE’ saw and after school, tried to talk to ‘THE’ and explain away what ‘THE’ saw. ‘THE’ just smiled and nodded, ‘THE’ wanted to get away as fast as possible.