Today’s writing prompt says:
Write a list of things that appear to be closed.

Well it’s 802am here and if you were to look around, everything appears to be closed. My thoight about this prompt is that it doesn’t ask you to write a list of things that are closed, just a list of things that *appear* to be closed.

A small, but important, difference. And it also doesn’t ask you to come up with a list of things, it just asks you to write a list of actual things that appear to be closed.

I have a hard time with this one. And I guess you could say this little preamble is just a way to kill some of the ten minutes I’ve been instructed to write for.

  1. Doors. Doors appear to be closed (real ones, not Ikea kitchen showroom ones, or ones you’d find at a door convention), but their real purpose is in the opening and closing of them.
  2. Opportunities. These can appear to be closed, but often just require another look.
  3. School. When you look at a school when class is in session, it appears to be closed. Really it’s full.
  4. My mouth. Just because it’s closed doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say.
  5. A mind. When I first started this prompt, I wantes to write that a mind can appear to be closed. But that’s not always the case. And it’s not possible for a mind to stay closed all the time. A person witha closed mind has to balance monents of closed-ness with moments of openness. It’s just the people who are most interested in that person’s closed mind really only experience that mind and that person at certain times, in specific circumstances where the mind appears to be closed.

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